Hi there, I updated my blog :)

As it has been rather long time since I’ve updated my blog, I thought it would be conveniently to repost my introduction. Because after all, wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit about the stranger hiding behind this domain? I think so.

Though, I must admit that when I wrote this introduction it was quite a struggle to me to come up with something substantial.
I’m used to write about things or people, but I have never really been able to sit down and write my own story (maybe only metaphorically) – admittedly, it has taken me some time to come up with the right description of myself. Anyways, I think after countless of different versions and “kill-your-darlings”-sacrifices, I think I managed pretty well.
However, if you like to get the facts right before you trust anyone, you might want to go here first to find out What People Say about me..

Who am I? 
I’m a word-savvy, creative writer with a knack for creating meaningful and user-oriented content.
To be more specific; I hold a master degree in Corporate Communications and have further specialized in PR & Integrated Market Communications, however I’m not the typical white-collared, corporate kind of person. I’m everything but that!

Drawing upon years of working within strategic and creative communication in various settings, I have acquired the skills and expertise to work on a wide array of communication tasks always with a keen eye for the users and their experience – when I write or create, I write and create to people and for people.

My personality is reflected in a  pragmatic and easy-going way of living, I have a sincere curiosity in people, society and culture and I thrive when I’m among people from different corners of the world.
Furthermore, I find great inspiration in diversity and differences. Subsequently to this, I’m an avid traveller and expat currently living in Dusseldorf, Germany.  If you would like to see a bit of what I have done in the past, you can check it out here and here (in Danish)