Intro & CV

I hold a BA in Language and Communication and a Master’s degree in Corporate Communications from Aarhus School Of Business
After graduating in 2014, I took up various freelance jobs as copywriter and content creator, before landing a job as a content marketing manager at a global travel company in 2017.

However it was not until an opportunity as an Internal Communication Specialist at aforementioned company, I realized that working in the intersection of content creation, culture and a company’s strategy are what drives my passion.

Since my first year as an Internal Communication Specialist I have been working on various project with different companies; from implementing new processes to establishing and driving internal communication projects forward.

And this year (2022) I got the opportunity to write a chapter about culture, employee engagement and strategic internal communication in the book: “Wie Kommuniziert Start-ups” (How does Start-ups communicate) by Lydia Prexl.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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