My personal website is an extension of my CV. You’ll find information and updates about my work, experiences, and skills. So here it goes:

I’m a skilled Communications Specialist passionated about people, storytelling & design!
As a highly motivated and experienced professional I find great inspiration and genuinely enjoy working with people from around the globe and I fundamentally believe that communication is key to an inclusive, healthy, and safe work culture in which people thrive and feel empowered to bring forth their best self✌️

I’m motivated by solving problems for people by creating great products and services that make life easier for the users/employees. I consider myself as a creative and inventive person with a strong work ethic and great interpersonal skills, which I believe are the key to succeed when working in the intersection of communications, people & design.

My key skills include:

  • Content creation/storytelling & management
  • Design, prototyping and wireframing (Figma)
  • A/B testing & Preference testing
  • Web & content management
  • Communication best practice & strategy
  • (User) research
  • Google Analytics
  • Design thinking

I’m open to:

  • Freelance jobs
  • Part-time, full-time, or contract
  • Remote work or hybrid workplace