New book release

Communications Guide for Startups
– How to win customers, investors, and new talent through inspiring messaging.

I have had the pleasure of contributing to this book along with +70 communications experts.

The book aims to cover all aspects of communication efforts in a start-up, but the book is also relevant for communication professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about successful communication in established organisations and companies.
My contribution can be found in chapter 10
And here is a short abstract

1. On the Why and How of Startup Communication
2. Is that still PR? Related Disciplines of Corporate Communications
3. Organisational Challenges for Communication Teams in Startups
4. PR, Yes, But How? From Strategy, Tactics, and Monitoring
5. The Peculiarities and Intricacies of Startup Communications
6. How Do I Get in the Paper? The Art of Media Relations
7. From TikTok to Twitter: Social Media Communication
8. The Pitfalls and Triumphs of Events
9. Public Affairs & Crisis Communication
10. From the Inside Out – Why Good Corporate Communication Starts with the Employees

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