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Hello and welcome to mariaandersen.dk!

It’s been a long way to get here, jeez! Many thoughts, failed attempts, reconsiderations and long working hours later mariaandersen.dk has now been officially and succesfully launched! In other words, there’s officially no going back.
It’s been a creative process, my tech-skills or lack of, has been put to the test with a somewhat mixed result. For the same reason, I have kept the design very simple. This so-called iterative process is still ongoing and I will probably refine and adjust here and there as I get more nerdy. But one thing is for sure:

mariaandersen.dk was born out of an idea to make it easy for people to get a grasp of who I am and what I do through storytelling. Hence www.mariaandersen.dk has a twofold purpose; first of all my website is an online portfolio/CV with a professional focus. Secondly, it is a blog personal website with the intention to keep friends, family, stalkers (if I have any) and anyone else updated on my quest to become a 200hr certified yoga instructor.
For further information, queries or if you want to say Hello, click the contact button.

I hope you’ll like it!


Everything work-related will be written in English. However, stories will be posted in Danish with an English recap included to favor my English-speaking friends and everyone else not familiar with the Danish language.

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